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About us

Perfect Hair Clinic PLC is a medical clinic devoted to one issue only – all forms of hair loss.
We gathered “under one roof” all scientifically proven methods of stopping and reversing hair loss.
Our team consist of experienced dermatologists, surgeons and trichologists.

We could guarantee every our Patient:

  • A thorough and precise diagnosis leading to mutually agreed individual path of therapies
  • Most effective methods used to achieve best possible results
  • Detailed instructions and personal care after the treatments

Individual therapy is defined with the following possible elements:

  • Non invasive methods, like:
    • laser treatments (LLLT – iRestore helmets for home use)
    • pharmacological “gold standard” – finasteride, minoxidil
    • scientifically proven supplements and/or cosmeceuticals
    • scalp micropigmentation (medical tatoo)
  • Semi invasive methods, like:
    • Carboxytherapy
    • Bio-mimetic peptide mesotherapy: dr Cyj
    • Platelet Rich Plasma mesotherapy
  • One-day surgery methods, like:
    • FUE hair transplant (with SAFER/NeoGraft device)
    • NIDO artificial hair implantation

To gather more information and reserve your consultation contact the clinic via email: klinika@perfecthairclinic.pl or call +48 883 92 82 82.